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About Us is emotional health and well-being service. It uses technology to anonymously and safely connect real people to their real ‘dosts’ (friend) in one-to-one chat. Anyone who is going through a difficult phase in personal life, career and study and who want to talk about these issues, can reach out to a trained, kind and compassionate dost through our network of ‘dosts’ from all walks of life and who have diverse experiences.

Why choose us

It is true that everyone is not equally informed and smart at handling personal issues.  Some require a psychologist who is trained to diagnose and treat mental health issues. In Counseling or psychotherapy client’s emotional issues are discussed and the best outcomes are designed.

Each of us needs counseling therapy or support session now and then, given the amount of pressure due to faster rate of changes. Research tells us that it is incredibly useful to have a session or two to discuss ay feeling of being overwhelmed, anxious or lost. There is difference between mental health issues and emotional issues. Mental health is physiological phenomena affecting mind. 

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Our team

What our clients say

I was unemployed for about 2 months. There was a lot of pressure building on me. I had begun to feel that things would not improve in my life. Around this time, I got to know about Mera DOST on Site I Appointment up here and then talked to a counsellor. She listened to me carefully and offered genuine advice.. I felt very relieved by sharing my problems. A big THANK YOU to the Mera DOST Team!

Diksha Sharma

At first, I was a bit sceptical about this website but I still signed up. The counsellors welcomed me warmly and they treated my concerns with great priority. After about 8 months of great sessions, I feel I am a changed person and my life has improved vastly.

Atul Chauhan

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