Our Core values

we at Meradost  are guided by following values:

Professionalism:  We strive to alleviate the personal distress/ suffering and to promote the personal growth and well-being of our clients. Being professional does not allow any personal and intimate friendship in therapeutic relationship. We limit it to the extent of client’s therapeutic needs.

Confidentiality: We respect your privacy and confidentiality. Nothing is disclosed to third party without the consent of clients.

Integrity: We act in ethical and fair manner in our therapeutic relationship.

Respect: Each of the client is valued. We respect your dignity and uniqueness. We actively listen to understand your needs in non-judgmental and safe way.

Trust: Trust is critical in maintaining a professional therapeutic relationship. Clients’ trust in counselor’s knowledge and attitude as well as skills to carry out their role as ‘dost’ is the most important.

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