When kids have emotional or behavioural problems, earlier they get treatment, easier it is to help them. When you are concerned about your child’s mental health, you talk to elders in family, friends and even pediatricians. Each of them advises the same thing – to relax and wait – she will grow out of it. Sometimes this proves good advice. Many times, it is NOT.

When your child get physical injury like minor scratch on skin, you get panicked and rush to physician and end up paying hefty medical bill for what would have healed naturally. But not same with mental health issues like . . . . we just avoid them resulting into major psycho-somatic issue that becomes very difficult to heals later.


When to take actions:

There are times when its clearly not a good idea to wait to get your child help for mental health issues. For instances: eating disorder, family history, self-hurting etc. There are some other times when it is better to wait – parental divorce, changing school, a new sibling. There are instances when parents should keep a close watch at kids and wait – behavior issues and emotional issues.