School Student

As a student you might be experiencing problems at school, issue with your parents or generally not feeling like yourself. Sometimes you feel down, anxious, stressed. It is okay. Everybody has these feelings but if these feelings affect you daily activities like study or relationship. A lot of difficulties are not caused by medical problems, but by normal life problems such as family or relationship issues or anxiety about exams, assignments etc. While these problems can be distressing, a little help to understand them and then suggest strategies for dealing with their feelings.

Counseling lets you talk about how you feel, separate issues from school and home life. It can help you get back to enjoying every moment of your life.

How can counselling help you?

Counselling help students learn new coping skills, in setting goals based on their inner resources, solve-problems, make informed decisions and manage the stress well. It provides them safe and structured environment in which students can explore various aspects of their emerging life – independence, values, personal goals, sexuality, intimacy and friendship.

College students need counselling for many reasons. some common concerns of students are adjustment issue, coping with emotions (anxiety, depression, anger etc.), interpersonal and relationship difficulties, health related concerns, academic issues (lack of focus and concentration, test anxiety).

Growing level of stress and depression among student has become a world wide epidemic. India is a country with the highest rate of suicide among people in  the age group 15-29. There are many reasons like fear of failure in exam., parental pressure to perform.

The real reason is their inability to handle the strong emotion.

Many of our young clients share with us that they feel relieved, happier after talking to counselor and are better able to deal with their problems. In some cases where they fully dedicated and trusted, counselor helped them to concentrate better at school/college or get on better with their relationships – friends, family and special ones.