Why choose us

It is true that everyone is not equally informed and smart at handling personal issues. Some are gifted to solve their issues themselves very well whereas few require help of someone who is experienced and professionally trained. There is no harm in seeking help when you feel that something is holding you in life.  There is old Chinese proverb     “He who ask for help is fool for five minutes but he who doesn’t ask is fool for ever.”

Each of us needs counseling or psychotherapy or support session every now and then to take note of our troubling thoughts and feelings given the amount of pressure due to faster rate of changes and uncertainty. Research tells us that it is incredibly useful to have a session or two to discuss any feeling of being overwhelmed, anxious or lost.

it has been observed that in our country people avoid seeking help of counselors or psychotherapists due to misconception about it. Due to lack of awareness counselling is equated with mental illness problem. But there is difference between mental health issues and emotional issues. Mental health is physiological phenomena affecting mind. It is a medical problem requiring help of psychiatrists, whereas emotional issues are related to our thinking. there is a connection between the way we think and the way we feel and behave. If we want to change certain aspect of our behaviour or habit, we need to first identify troubling thoughts and underlying beliefs. This requires help of a psychologist or counsellor or psychotherapists.

Everybody encounter hard emotions like anger, sadness, jealousy etc. Those who are emotionally competent either handle on their own or seek the help of an experts, but still there are many who keep suffering silently spoiling their personal and professional life.

Earlier we had strong joint family system and network of good neighbours and friends with sound emotional ties, with whom we used to discuss our issues and find tested solutions based on their experience but now with crumbling social structure, fast life and trust deficit, people dread to share issues to others. People rather hide issues from even close family members. It is here that professional counselor comes for rescue by providing a safe, confidential and non-judgmental setting where we can open up about our beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Following are some situations when you can think about visiting a counselor:

  1. When you feel overwhelmed and stuck in life.
  2. When you feel a sense of loss of control or feel inadequate.
  3. When you feel sad and unmotivated. You have thoughts of self-harm.
  4. When you have strained relationship with in personal and professional life.
  5. When you have stopped doing activities that you once used to enjoy. You have persistent feeling of hopelessness, despair, loss of interest or anxiety for more than two weeks.
  6. When you are struggling with any type of addiction- drugs, alcohol, eating disorder, mobile addiction sex addiction etc.
  7. Or any other issue related with thinking, feeling or habits.