Why choose us

It is true that everyone is not equally informed and smart at handling personal issues. Some require a psychologist who is trained to diagnose and treat mental health issues. In Counseling or psychotherapy client’s emotional issues are discussed and the best outcomes are designed.

Each of us needs counseling therapy or support session now and then, given the amount of pressure due to faster rate of changes. Research tells us that it is incredibly useful to have a session or two to discuss ay feeling of being overwhelmed, anxious or lost. There is difference between mental health issues and emotional issues. Mental health is physiological phenomena affecting mind. It is a medical problem, whereas emotional issues are related to our thinking. It is when you feel stuck in a situation like career, relationship etc. it needs just talk therapy or counseling therapy to solve emotional issues.

With counseling you have opportunity to open up about your thought, feelings in confidential, non-judgmental setting. Following are some reasons you can think about visiting a counselor:

1. When you are feeling overwhelmed and stuck in life.
2. When you are going through a change/transition in life – like change of school or school to college, change in job/city, change in marital status etc.
3. You have a sense of loss of control or you feel inadequate.
4. You are feeling sad and unmotivated. You have thoughts of self-harm.
5. You feel lonely or isolated.
6. When you feel distracted from studies. When you open book millions of things occupy your mind.
7. When despite of best efforts success is eluding.
8. When you have stopped doing activities you used to enjoy. You have persistent feeling of hopelessness,
despair, loss of interest or anxiety for two weeks.
9. You have strained relationships – partner, family, friend, and colleague.
10. You have lost someone or something important to you.
11. When you are struggling with any type of addiction – substance abuse, eating disorder, gambling or sex
addiction, mobile addiction etc.

Counselor can help your beliefs/thoughts improve and benefit your daily life and support you in transition phase. Contact today and lighten the burden of your unhelpful thoughts. There is ALWAYS a way to resolve the issues and lead the life with more prepared, stronger and clearer mind.